The Boulevard


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This is a local place that has a great vibe, staff and food. The interior is mostly wood and traditional, kinda like Cheers. The staff is incredibly friendly and I have NEVER had a bad experience there.

I used to get mixed drinks, but found that they were a little week, so I always have wine with my meal. I ALWAYS get their falafel which is TO DIE FOR! Instead of fries, I get the fattoush salad. It is so good, I am drooling as I type this. I have had their wings and they are good, but I am so in love with the fattoush that I can’t bring myself to have anything else! My youngest is six and asks for it weekly.

Delicious! Tell them I sent you- they know me!”

Kim K.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

You are lucky to stumble across this little joint if you are in the town of Cuyahoga Falls, OH. This place has got AMAZING wings and a great burger! (especially the Chipotle BBQ Burger) All the food and drinks were very reasonably priced. The only complaint that I have was they were a bit under staffed, it took a little while to receive our food but the wait was definitely worth it!”

Eric G.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

My husband and I are lucky to have this place within walking distance of where we live. When we first moved to the Falls we were told that we should check out their wing night on Tuesday, .25/wings (with an order of a beverage). The wings are delicious and huge! Definitely worth the wait for a table and for the wings to come out. The service has always been great, the staff is always friendly. I’ve also been there for their fish special, very tasty! But again, busy, but worth it! We have also gone up there on Saturday nights, less of a crowd and very easy to find a spot to sit at right away. I definitely recommend this place for anyone looking for an enjoyable bar and tasty food.”

Michelle B.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

I ate here a few weeks ago while visiting my sister after asking her where to get a great fish dinner on a Friday night. It was pretty delicious. The fish was perch and the breading was homemade…it was light and not all greasy, which was a nice change from your traditional fried fish dinner. I would love to go back and try some of the other options. I was impressed to see that even though it is a bar, they had a lot of Mediterranean dishes on the menu.”

Jaime Lyn W.
Warren, OH